Jul 6, 2009

WORD OF THE WEEK: Contest Tergiversation

Perhaps you were all a little distrait over the double meaning of tergiversation? Maybe you're just too loyal to even consider it?

At any rate, the contest ends today. So here, for those of you waiting impatiently to learn the answer (without looking it up on your own), is the secondary meaning of the former Word of the Week, tergiversation—preceded by the hint that threw you all for a loop:

"It's not uncommon for politicians to talk around a topic, making an art of tergiversation in answer to a question, especially on controversial subjects." Also (here comes the tricky part): "Senator Arlen Specter has been accused of selling out to the highest-voting bidder after his tergiversation of the Republican Party."

*drumroll ...*

Tergiversation: a desertion of a cause, position, party, faith. *cymbals crash!*

And this week's (contest-free) word, distrait, means "divided in attention, especially because of anxiety; inattentive." Visit MyDictionary.com (or, Twitter users, follow MyWOTDcom) for a free new word every day this week!

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