Jun 1, 2009

WORD OF THE WEEK: A Lesson for the Itinerant Student

Did you know that The New York Times has an online word-of-the-day site? Their word for today is itinerant, meaning "traveling from place to place."

Through The Times' partnership with Merriam-Webster, you can look up the etymology of intinerant (of Latin origin, stemming from the word ire, meaning "to go" and akin to the Hittite word itar, "way"). Or you can explore a visual map of the word's origins at Visual Thesaurus, a for-pay program that you can try for free by clinking on the link at The New York Times word-of-the-day site. (The regular cost is only $2.95 per month or $19.95 for a full year.)

This unique, interactive dictionary literally maps the relation between words (itinerant is linked closely to the word gypsy, and is similar in meaning to unsettled) and provides an auditory pronunciation of each word shown, as well. For visual thinkers, this dictionary is a must-try!

What's your itinerary for today? I, personally, plan to be right here online!

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