Jun 19, 2009

WEEKLY UPDATE: Online Connections

I've been talking and talking—and writing—about my revamped website and all of the forthcoming goodies it offers. This week, thanks to the wonderful Stephen Parker of sparker webgroup, all these words became reality when we launched the new website to the world.

KiKiProductionsInc.com offers a number of tools and tips for improving the way you share with the world, by enhancing the way you are seen and heard. Not only can you connect with me directly there to book coaching sessions and public speeches, as well as written work, you can also reserve your spot in a number of online opportunities, like my forthcoming e-book and e-course, "Speak Your Truth."

You might say there are copious resources at your disposal all in one site! Via the new webite, you can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter, and you can connect with many of my affiliates—who are also wonderful wordsmiths, all of them in their own rights.

There's a spiritual side to my work, additionally, that connects people to themselves and others, so that true communication can occur. And that side shines fully through on the new site. Scope it out today, and tell me what you think!

(c) KiKi Productions, Inc. 2009

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