Jun 4, 2009

A List of Open Dictionaries

I've compiled a list of open dictionaries available on the web for you to peruse and use. You can also do an online search of the phrase "open dictionary" to find a plethora of other open source word collections. Don't know the word plethora? Look it up! And when you add your word to one of the sites below, tell me about it.

Merriam-Webster’s online open dictionary feature, where users add newly-minted words not otherwise found in the dictionary:

MacMillan’s open dictionary:

A multi-lingual dictionary in the making by worldwide users:

Two more multi-lingual dictionaries that anyone can add to, both by the Wikipedia people; the 2nd, WikiWords, is in beta and visually maps each word as a “concept”:
http://www.wiktionary.org & http://www.wikiwords.org/

Another anyone-can-add-to-it creation designed just for kids:

Stanford University’s open dictionary for its Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics:

An open dictionary “dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge” in the areas of computing, engineering, mathematics, music, reference, science, & unique terminology:

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