May 15, 2009

WEEKLY UPDATE: Tweet me, friends! (or 3 Tips to Better Communication via Social Networking)

My friend Roger wants a place where he can write freely—a place where he can voice his thoughts uncensored, just like on his Facebook page (where only a select handful of us have made the “friend” cut to share in the dialogue). If blogging or blog commenting doesn’t hold enough of a two-way appeal for you, consider the more informal options of social networking sites.

Tweeting on Twitter and leaving messages on your Facebook friends’ walls is just one way to effectively practice and improve the way you write and speak. Here’s how:

1. Re-Read Your Posts. Pay attention to the updates & replies that you post. Do friends & followers often respond with corrections to your grammar or punctuation? Do you notice mistakes in these areas? Make a personal list of the areas you need to improve. (Hint: If you write conversationally, you’ll have the same mistakes in print as you do speaking in person!)

2. Play with Your Replies. Change your status updates & your replies—especially on friendly Facebook—by rewording what you’ve already written. Re-Tweet as needed: People will comment on your multi-posts, providing you with valuable feedback that informs the way you write & speak.

3. Find Me! Follow me on Twitter (as KealahParkinson—I just joined today!) & become my fan on Facebook (as Kealah Parkinson-KiKi Productions). I’ll continue to offer tweet tips & friendly info. that’s customized to your needs if you share in the dialogue now.

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